• NokoForza

    When performance meets style. Racing components for a daily use and a comfortable and elegant chassis will make your everyday movements around the city something you’ll be looking forward to. Light, quiet, powerful, elegant, and safe.

    From: 3,990.00 Customize your Noko Bike
  • NokoTempo

    A contemporary ‘Nordic’ style, ideal for those who need to get on and off the bike frequently and with ease. Superlative for the city and amazing for commuting. Racing components for a daily use will help you live your city better. Clever, light, quiet, powerful, and safe.

    From: 3,990.00 Customize your Noko Bike
  • NokoVulcano

    Going off the urban tracks has never been so exciting. Sculpted tires, 11 speeds, and racing components for a daily use will make accessible any sort of adventure, with all the comfort, control, and power that you need.

    From: 4,350.00 Customize your Noko Bike
  • Fender + Luggage Rack Kit

    Make your NOKO e-bike even more versatile for everyday use.

    159.00 View Product
  • Noko Fender Kit

    A very useful accessory that will further enhance the ‘ultra-cool’ look of your NOKO e-bike. The fenders are in black aluminum, lightweight (600gr) and with an essential design.

    69.00 View Product
  • Kickstand

    Courtesy of the renowned URSUS brand, this external rear fixing aluminum kickstand will guarantee the stability of your parked e-bike. Adjustable in length to adapt to different frame sizes, thanks to a button located on the back of the foot of the stand.

    19.00 View Product

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