When performance meets style.

With an elegant and stylish look, NOKOFORZA will make your everyday movements around the city something you’ll be looking forward to. With NOKO there is no compromise.

Thanks to a balanced riding position, and an ease of handling that inspires confidence, it’s the ideal e-bike for your commute.

Lighter carbon wheels used by pros to increase performance and aerodynamics.

Buy them with your NOKO to received them installed.

extra light

13,8 <-> 14,2 kg

extra-light and agile

FSA System

FSA System

powerful and smooth

Veer Carbon

VEER carbon Split Belt™ drive

silent and maintenance-free

extra light

Up to 100km range

long range on a single charge

"14,2 Kg – that’s definitely less than other established brands!"

A small motor with great performance.

The heart of an e-bike is its motor and battery system, and we chose the brand-new FSA System 1.0 for the exceptional smoothness and the great range it guarantees.

The FSA hub motor is almost invisible, but the thrust it will provide to your pedaling will certainly be noticed whenever you need it, thanks to the sophisticated torque sensor. With its 250W battery perfectly integrated into the frame you can travel up to 100Km on a single charge.

No compromise.

NOKO lives intensely the "quality first" philosophy, sourcing from some of the best suppliers worldwide state-of-the-art high-end components, to provide its customers with lightness, style and performance unparalleled among urban e-bikes.

Choose the NOKO model that best suits you, hop on the saddle and you will forget that you have a pedal-assisted bicycle in your hands!

Dream big. Then make that dream a reality.

Bringing Italian cycling design and know-how to the World, this is NOKO's mission. Our e-bikes are the result of the research and development of some of the most skilled Italian engineers, a highly specialized team with decades of experience in the e-bike world, which have dedicated their know-how, ingenuity, and skills to this project.

From the manufacturing of the frames to the final assembly, everything takes place exclusively in our hi-tech plant in Italy and is subject to rigorous and innovative quality and performance controls.

We take care of you, always.

We dedicate ourselves to each customer in an exclusive way, taking care of any request in detail, before, during and after the purchase through our Customer Care team.

We work with passion to guarantee a customer service level that reflects the quality of our products. Our operators are at your disposal via email, phone and chat to answer your questions and guarantee you the peace of mind you expect from a brand like NOKO. For us at NOKO, your satisfaction is at the heart of our priorities.


federica fontana unboxing ebike


“NOKO is delivered fully assembled.

The Welcome Kit includes all the necessary tools to complete the setup in a few minutes.

Adjust the handlebar, customize the saddle height, and install the pedals.

Each NOKO is professionally assembled and tested before shipping, in order to ensure your safety and the best experience on the road.”

telaio NOKOTEMPO black


An “all-road” e-bike that is very light, aerodynamic and with a unique riding comfort. A perfect combination of the use of the best aluminum alloys and the passion, quality, of Italian craftsmanship.

NOKO closed frames are synonymous with high performance and comfort on the road. The handmade welding integrates the brake plates and the belt tensioner seat directly into the dropout, ensuring stability and rigidity of the frame.

FSA motor


At the heart of NOKO is the sophisticated FSA System, delivering 250W of power and 42 Nm of torque.

Designed to enhance your ride thanks to its 5 different levels of assistance, the integrated torque sensor allows for a smooth and natural riding feeling and extends battery life providing pedal assistance only when needed.

When pedaling at more than 25 km/h the resistance from the motor is so imperceptible that you’ll swear you’re riding a non-assist bike.

Vision Orange


Wheels are one of the most important components of any bike, that’s why we chose handcrafted Vision ultra-light tubeless wheels, with exclusive and elegant NOKO branding.

These wheels leverages Vision’s know-how in carbon & aluminum processing, combined with cutting-edge manufacturing processes, developed through in-depth CFD analysis and wind tunnel testing, to not only reduce the weight, but also increase the aerodynamics and performance of your bike.

Our wheelsets can handle whatever you put them through, give them a try.



All you need to control your NOKO is the single button on the top tube of the frame.

With the intuitive and elegant NOKO interface you can turn the system on or off, select the level of assistance, and check the battery charge level.

Colored LEDs make all the necessary information accessible.

Cinghia black


We use the best carbon fiber split belt on the market, made in California by Veer.

The 14mm width Carbon split Belt™ has the highest breaking strength, lasting up to 4 times more than the competition, for an ultra-safe product, transferring 100% of the energy developed by rider and motor onto the wheels.

Our belt drives are also extremely quiet, even quieter than other belt drives, so you can enjoy your ride, hear the birds chirping, and just zen out.

Disk Brake


Your braking will always be timely, stable and in total safety! NOKO e-bikes feature as standard equipment high performance Raicam hydraulic 160mm front and rear disc brakes.

The braking systems can withstand high temperatures, ensuring powerful, progressive, and adjustable braking, with a total absence of vibration and noise.

The brake levers have improved ergonomics and offer greater control and better braking modulation, rounding off this high-performance set-up.

Long range battery


More speed, more autonomy, and more freedom thanks to a state-of-the-art Samsung battery.

The battery unit is hidden inside the downtube, for a clean and sleek design, will fully recharge in less than 4 hours, and will allow you up to 100km of range.

Featuring a long service life and an intelligent Battery Management System, the range can be increased up to 200km, by adding the optional Range Extender.

vittoria terreno dry


The easy-to-use belt tensioner makes servicing the rear wheel very easy, with NOKO you just need to press a simple button through the single locking pin to remove the rear wheel in a few seconds.

When reinstalling the rear wheel just unlock the tensioner arm and there is no guesswork to whether your belt drive is properly tensioned.

What the Experts say

Long range, without the weight

"The Noko Forza, Tempo, and Vulcano boast impressive ranges and surprisingly low weights."

Urban e-bike leggera, senza catena, Made in Italy

“Nuovo brand italiano di biciclette a pedalata assistita che ha scelto di puntare sulla qualità costruttiva e sul contenuto tecnico.”

FSA's system: Power and control

"The power delivery is positive and it packs more punch than its lightweight rivals."

Leggere e personalizzabili, stile italiano

“Non un brand improvvisato, di quelli che vestono e commercializzano bici acquistate altrove, un produttore italiano vero con una lunga e importante storia industriale alle spalle”

Stunning design with practicality and elegance

“The impressive weight is suitable for quick trips as well as for longer journeys outside the city”

Una urban city bike dal design elegante

"cinghia in carbonio, una scelta che elimina problemi di manutenzione e sporcizia quando si pedala."

Ease of movement with high performance

"The essentiality of design makes NOKO particularly appealing to those who love having technical performances and stunning design combined with practicality and elegance"

È una piccola rivoluzione

“È prodotta in Italia, l’autonomia può raggiungere i 200 km e la trasmissione usa una cinghia in fibra di carbonio”



The size guide is here to help you find the correct Noko

If based on your height you find yourself able to choose between two different sizes, the bike with the lower size will guarantee a more comfortable ride while the larger size will give you a sportier, more aerodynamic ride.

Size A R S Rider Height Length
Small 46 41 53 Rider Height <    175 cm
Medium 52 42 54 Rider Height 170 - 185 cm
Large 58 43 55 Rider Height 180 - 210 cm
  • Frame
  • Available sizes
    S 46 - M 52 - L 58
  • Transmission
    VEER Split Belt Drive, carbon fiber tech
  • Crankset
    FSA - BDC 130 mm - 5 holes - L 175 mm
  • Wheels
    Vision Team 30 DB – in aluminum
  • Motor
    FSA HM 1.0 250 W - Brushless DC
  • Assistance levels
  • Autonomy with the Range Extender
    180-200 km
  • Kickstand
  • Total weight
    14.2 kg - size M
  • Colors
    Black - Green - Orange
  • Front Cog
    45 T eq. - in aluminum
  • Braking system
    Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Battery
    36 V 250 Wh + 250 Wh
  • Torque Max
    43 Nm
  • Boost mode
    With button, on demand
  • Charging Time
  • Lights
    Front and rear rechargeable LED USB
  • Maximum weight capacity (rider + load)
    120 kg
  • Gears
    Single speed
  • Rear cog
    19 T eq. - made of steel
  • Type of cells
    Samsung 18650-35E
  • Maximum speed with assistance
    25 Km/h
  • Battery autonomy
    90-100 km
  • Rear rack
  • Bolts
    Stainless steel
  • Saddlehandle
  • Handlebar Grips
    Prologo Winged Touch Proxim
  • Handlebar
    FSA V-drive Flat / FSA Metropolis Riser

Urban E-Bike NokoVulcano

From: €3.990,00

Urban E-Bike Noko Tempo

From: €2.990,00

Urban E-Bike NokoForza


From: €5.990,00







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