NOKO was born in Sicily from the decision of Luca Coffa, an entrepreneur operating globally in the automotive field, to build a beautiful, light Italian e-bike that marries clean Italian design with world class racing components.

In his global travels, Luca began to appreciate the Scandinavian culture, where bikes are increasingly taking the place of cars as a means of transport. E-bikes are the fastest growing category within bicycles, especially due to their functionality as a means of urban and daily mobility, therefore the idea was hatched to create a 100% Italian e-bike, with a development and production facility in Catania, Italy, Luca’s hometown.

NOKO e-bikes are high quality, beautiful and light. NOKO’s aluminum alloy frames are 100% Made in Italy. The inspiration behind the concept of “racing components for everyday use” comes from the world of motors where Formula 1 and MotoGP serve as laboratories for experimentation, with new solutions that then find their place in mass production.

Racing components for everyday use deliver measurably better performance results to the rider. NOKO e-bikes require less exertion, offer greater safety, deliver longer usage between charges, and present a modern, clean aesthetic, setting NOKO apart from its competitors.

In keeping with these high standards, NOKO chose to work in partnership with the Full Speed Ahead Group (FSA), a company that manufactures high-end components for road cycling and MTB. To put things into perspective, the FSA System HM 1. 0 engine was mounted on the e-bike that arrived first at the Giro-E, an event reserved to e-bikes that covers the same stages of the Giro d’Italia.

Still with the FSA group, but under the Vision brand, the collaboration between the companies has also extended to the wheels. Vision wheels are winning components in world cycling. Recent successes include Sonny Colbrelli at Paris-Roubaix with and Elisa Balsamo in the 2021 Road World Championships. Vision develops its wheels in wind tunnels to guarantee lightness, aerodynamics, and greater smoothness, which translates for the rider into less effort and longer durability.

For the braking system of its single speed e-bikes, NOKO has chosen Raicam, a company that specializes in the design, development and production of brakes and other components for the automotive industry, from the most common sedans to the most high-performance luxury motorcars. The standards required by the automotive industry are far stricter than those for the bikes, and Raicam has brought its automotive product know-how and style to the bicycle sector. In choosing Raicam braking systems for its e-bikes, NOKO has prioritised both performance and safety.

NOKO is the ultimate e-bike for the most demanding riders. A stylish, light, and powerful e-bike for riders of any age. A cool, high-performance solution to move around the city in a greener way.

NOKO is Made in Italy, combining Italian design, cycling tradition, and craftsmanship, with world class racing technology so that you can ride longer, faster, and safer. Everyday.

NOKO, no compromise!

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