When will NOKO e-bikes be available?

All NOKO bikes are available! NOKO official launch date is 02.02.2022. We shall start shipping orders after that date, first preorders that will be confirmed, then new orders.

NOKO Product Warranty

Please visit our Warranty page 

NOKO Return Policy

Please visit our Warranty page

What are the payment methods available?

Bank transfer, Stripe and Paypal

How will my personal data be managed by NOKO?

View the PRIVACY POLICY page or click here


How do I choose the correct bike size for me?

When you configure your Noko in the “SHOP-BIKES” section, click on the “SIZE GUIDE” link and a screen will help you choose the right size for you. Keep in mind that if based on your height you find yourself able to choose between two different sizes, the bike with the lower size will guarantee a more comfortable ride while the larger size a sportier and more aerodynamic ride.

Maximum weight of the cyclist per bike.

NOKO bicycles have been designed to withstand a maximum load of 120 kg; this weight includes the weight of the cyclist and the load placed in the luggage rack, if any.

Can I modify my NOKO?

As soon as important changes are made to your Noko such as wheel change, fork, etc. , the warranty lapses. We advise you not to customize your NOKO. For all information please contact our customer care.

Can I customize my bike when ordering?

Yes, you can customize the model, size, color, handlebar type and wheels

How can I find the correct frame size?

You can find our SIZE GUIDE in the SHOP section or click here

What is the maximum width of tyres that the NOKO can fit?



To which countries does NOKO ship?

NOKO currently ships to all EU countries, as well as the UK and Norway.

What are the average delivery times?

From the moment an order confirmation arrives, the estimated delivery time is 10 working days.

What are the shipping costs of my order?

Shipping costs vary according to the destination of the bike

Can I request the delivery of my order on a specific day?

No, you can not.

How can I monitor the status of my order?

Through the section “Track my order”


Can I mount the rack on my NOKO?

It is possible to mount luggage racks and mudguards only on NOKOFORZA and NOKOTEMPO

What are the differences between NOKOFORZA and NOKOTEMPO?

The only difference between these models is the position of the top-tube. It’s high in NOKOFORZA, for a classic look, and low in NOKOTEMPO, for a more comfortable getting on and off of the bike. Other than this it’s a matter of personal taste.

What are the advantages of the belt drive?

A belt drive will last a lot longer than a traditional metal chain drive, and it does not require maintenance or lubrication. This also means the riders won’t get dirty from grease. It’s also extremely quiet.

How do I assemble my NOKO?

In the instruction manual you will find all the instructions for assembling your NOKO; in the support section, you will find some useful videos for assembling your NOKO.

Will the battery be delivered charged?

No, we recommend that you keep it under charge for a period of at least 4 hours.

What should I do if my battery is defective?

The recommended action is to contact FSA, for more information click here

Battery charging time

The battery recharges in 4h

How far can I go with a fully charged e-bike?

Depending on rider’s weight and riding style, as well as the terrain, up to 100km or 1200m of elevation on a full charge. With the optional ‘Range Extender’ these figures will be doubled to up to 200km or 2400m of elevation.

200 km

Battery power to take you everywhere

14,8 kg

Among the lightest e-bikes in the world

100% easy

NOKO is delivered completely assembled

4 hours

From zero to full charge

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