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Before Purchasing

Thanks to the “SIZE GUIDE” system developed for each e-bike, you can easily choose the ideal frame size based on your anthropometric measurements. You just have to find the bike that best suits your needs and follow the instructions to find the correct size. Keep in mind that if, based on your height, you are able to choose between two different sizes, the bike with the smaller size will guarantee you a more comfortable ride while the larger one a more sporty and aerodynamic ride.

Thanks to the high-strength aluminum frame totally Made in Italy, we boast one of the lightest e-bikes in the world! You can experience the thrill of experiencing your freedom in complete lightness thanks to its overall featherweight of only 14.2kg.

All NOKO e-bikes have been designed with extreme attention to detail, from the moment in which important modifications are made to the bicycle such as changing wheels, forks etc., the warranty automatically ends. Don’t worry, we are always looking for new components and improvements to develop, in THIS CATEGORY you can find all the additional accessories available for your NOKO! For any other information, please contact our Customer Care service through the following link.

In general, the maximum weight supported by NOKO e-bikes is 120kg. This weight includes the cyclist and any accessories such as backpack, clothes, luggage racks, etc. The NOKO pedal assisted e-bike focuses on comfort, but doesn’t renounce the graceful style.
For your everyday adventures, with NOKO the ending is already written.

Of course! However, we would like to remind you that NOKO will already be supplied with all the accessories you need to get on and start pedaling in total safety;For the most demanding customers, we have developed a long list of optional Upgrades & Accessories that will allow you to make your NOKO unique during the purchase phase! You will have the possibility to customize the model, size, type of handlebar, wheels etc.

We strongly advise you to don’t do this, any unauthorized modification would invalidate the NOKO warranty. Also, remember that depending on the country you live in, you may also be breaking the law.

We have developed a huge range of optional accessories that will make your e-bike unique!Through the following link you can check the complete list of accessories available, completely Made in Italy.

At the moment all NOKO showrooms are under construction, but you don’t have to worry! Our goal is to follow you step by step in all phases of the purchase, you will have a 30-DAYs return guarantee without any restrictions, choose the model you like best, start pedaling and try the unique experience of NOKO.For any problem, our Customer Care is at your complete disposal, you just have to contact us through the specific Contact Us section, we’ll take care of the rest!

Usage Details

To start the motor of your NOKO, press and hold the ignition button for 1 second. The system automatically selects the ECO assistance level, indicated by a steady green light. To turn off the system, press and hold the power button for 4 seconds: a white light will turn on to indicate the shutdown in progress.

All NOKO bicycles are fully assembled and scrupulously adjusted, tested by qualified technicians before being shipped. For greater protection during transport, some components such as the pedals, the saddle tube, the saddle (already installed on the tube, adjusted in the standard way) and the lights, are removed and carefully placed inside the packaging. After delivery, you will have to follow the simple instructions contained in the manual, and using the tools provided you will be able to completely assemble your NOKO in a few minutes!For step-by-step assistance, watch our assembly tutorial videos in the dedicated section.

Activated with a simple press, the sophisticated FSA System provides enough smooth and reliable assistance. Designed to enhance your ride thanks to its 5 different levels of assistance, the integrated torque sensor allows for a smooth and natural riding feeling, which provides a 250W power and 42Nm torque motor housed in the rear hub, the Samsung 18650-35E 36V 250Wh battery (compact and specifically designed to be housed inside the down tube of the NOKO frame) is produced in collaboration with Samsung.

All NOKO e-bikes have 5 assistance levels, including the “BOOST” function, available by pressing the power ON button. When switched on, the system automatically selects the ECO level (green). To select the desired assistance level, just press the power ON button; each level will be indicated with a different color. If you want to ride without motor assistance, just select level 1 (green).

All NOKO bicycles are equipped as standard with a hydraulic front / rear disc brake system much more powerful than normal e-bikes, the brake levers have improved ergonomics and offer greater control and better braking modulation, in addition, the large discs 160mm round off this high performance set-up.

Your safety is our priority, all NOKO e-bikes are equipped with front and rear LED position lights to allow you to ride in complete safety. The recharging of these lighting devices will take place via a simple USB cable.

Of course! We have designed a specific set of fenders and rear rack. It is possible to install the fenders on all the NOKO e-bikes models, while the luggage rack can fit only NOKOFORZA and NOKOTEMPO. Click here to view all the accessories that can be purchased for your NOKO, don’t miss them!

The housing of the bottle cages has been carefully studied and developed by the NOKO team to allow the cyclist to use them in complete safety. On the NOKO frame it will be possible to mount 2 bottle cages.

Of course, on all NOKO models you can install a child seat without any problem. For more information, you can view the specific section at the following LINK?

The main differences between these two types of wheels is that carbon wheels are lighter, thus more aerodynamic and stable.

The handcrafted Metron 40 SL DISC wheel leverages Vision’s know-how in carbon processing, combined with cutting-edge manufacturing processes. These extremely aerodynamic and stable wheels have been developed through in-depth CFD analysis and wind tunnel testing.The Preload Reduction System (P.R.A.), studied for NOKO in detail by Vision engineers, offers greater wheel smoothness and longer life than the standard.

The Team 30 TC DISC wheel, on the other hand, is a comfortable and aerodynamic solution for the ultimate urban e-bike NOKO, equipped with disc brakes. The rim has a specific height of 30mm, developed with super-light hubs without PRA, by using sealed cartridge bearings. The FSA Preload Reduction Assembly system applies a specifically calculated preload to the hub bearings.

  1. Clincher tyre: A clincher tyre is the standard rigid tyre for bicycles. The wire bundle in the tyre bead prevents the tire from expanding with the pressure, and thus from jumping off the rim.
  2. Folding tyre: A folding tyre is a modern version of the standard rigid tyre. The wire bundles are replaced by a bundle of Kevlar strands. This enables the tire to be folded up and, depending on the tire size, makes it approx. 50-90 g lighter.
  3. Tubular tyre: In the tubulars tyres, the tube is sewn directly into the tire. The tubular is then glued onto a special rim.
  4. Tubeless: The tubeless system doesn’t need the tube. The tyre and the rim are made in such a way that fitting them together provides an airtight seal. For this reason, specific tires and rims are necessary.

After a series of intensive tests, our NOKO engineers have selected only the best products on the e-bike market, designing an e-bike never seen before.We use the best carbon fiber open belt on the market, made in California by our direct partner Veer.

We know that this is much more expensive than other competitors, but at NOKO we put quality and absolute safety first for our customers.
We pride ourselves on using the strongest belt in the world. By carrying out various tests and comparisons with other belts on the market, ours has the highest breaking strength, allowing us to offer the customer a new, ultra-safe product, which is able to use the total energy developed by our motor, without any type of effort or problem.

Our belt is extremely quiet. This means that you will be able to pedal in complete tranquility while listening to the sounds of the city and nature, without hearing that annoying noise coming from the rear transmission.
NOKO cares a lot about the longevity of components, following complex standards.
Our customers can rest assured that we use the highest quality and long-lasting components.

The easy-to-use belt tensioner makes servicing the rear wheel child’s play.
Unlike other belt-driven bikes, where to remove the wheel you have to act on the bolts, adjust the dropouts and loosen the belt tension, with NOKO you just need to press a simple button to remove the rear wheel in a few seconds.

In most modern bikes, the energy is transferred from the pedals to the rear wheel through the chain.
NOKO has revolutionized this standard system, replacing the link chain with a layered carbon fiber belt, thus eliminating all the wear and tear problems of a normal chain.
Since the shape and size of the belt teeth are different from those of a normal bike chain, the crankset and rear sprocket have also been specially designed for the belt drive system. Unlike a chain transmission which, in order to last over time, needs constant and continuous maintenance, the belt transmission doesn’t need any special treatment. You won’t have to be lubricated, adjust it from time to time or clean it with special products. Just wash it with water or add normal soap if necessary!
The belt rotation is quiet. This allows you to hear the sounds around you, be it the chirping of birds in the middle of nature, or the engines of cars arriving in the city.

  1. Cleaning: No lubrication means no dirt build-up. Hands, clothes and children will always remain clean.
  2. Smoothness: Veer’s Split Carbon transmission system eliminates metal-to-metal contact of the chain and offers unparalleled smoothness of travel.
  3. No noise: The carbon drive belt is incredibly quiet, the old noisy chain to lubricate will be just an old memory.
  4. Lightweight: The entire system consisting of 1 chainring, 1 sprocket set and a belt weighs less than a traditional chain drive.
  5. Less wear and tear: Unlike the chain, the carbon drive belt doesn’t stretch over time. It will not be necessary to re-tension or replace the belt due to the stretch.
  6. Self-cleaning: The belt has been specially designed to almost completely remove mud, dirt, snow and other debris from the bicycle transmission automatically.
  7. Durability: Tests have shown that Veer’s Split Carbon Belt drive belt lasts more than twice as long as a traditional chain.
  8. Efficiency: Veer’s Split Carbon Belt provides consistent efficiency throughout the life of the drive. Instead, the efficiency of the chain decreases with wear and dirt.


We advise you to regularly check the state of your NOKO tires. It is necessary to replace the tires when worn, consumed and/or in case of cracks on the surface. Remember to check the adequate tire pressure before every ride.

Each tire supplier defines the suggested pressure values, which are expressed in PSI and in bar. Generally, the pressure of an urban-type tire should be maintained between 2.5 and 5 bar. The minimum and maximum pressure values can be found on the tires itself.

In case of collision, or in case of excessive stress and/or extended usage, the spokes could lose their tension; the homogeneous tension of the spokes guarantees the proper centering of the rim. It’s recommended to have an expert view your bike, for proper maintenance and wheel check-up. We advise you to visit a specialized service center for a periodic overall check-up.

It is recommended to always remove any fouling, grease, mud, etc., which can damage your NOKO. Do not use a pressure washer for quick cleaning because the strong jet of water could ruin and irreversibly damage some components of the bike, including adhesives.
Prefer hand cleaning with a light jet of water and the help of a sponge to remove dirt from the affected parts. Use specific non-aggressive products so as not to damage the frame and other components of the bike.After a ride in the rain, dry your NOKO and its components with the help of a cloth to prevent corrosion of the materials.

NOKO stands for professional, reliable and fun. All our e-bikes are tested and checked carefully before being shipped, it’s advisable at least once a year to have all the components checked by a specialized e-bike center in order to avoid possible problems during use.

We will help you take care of your NOKO! In this category we will go into detail on every aspect of management, both electrical and generic. We will show you what measures to take to extend the life of your e-bike.You can view the entire article dedicated to the following link.

For ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the braking system, we advise you to regularly visit a specialized service center, even if it is working properly. For your personal safety, and for the health of the braking system, we recommend to periodically check the state of the brake pads, and to replace them before uneven wear.
Regularly, and after each wash, remember to visually verify the state of the brake pads. It should not manifest any contamination, vitrification, and has to maintain a certain thickness, in order to assure that the brake pads do not come into contact with the disc brake.In proper conditions, the brake levers are rigid and responsive. In the case of worn pads, the brake levers will feel spongy.
If the lever travel increases, and/or in case of high pitched-noise when the pads make contact with the disc brake, it means that the breaking pads do not have an adequate friction on the disc, because it could be worn or contaminated by oil-base fluids.

Our carbon belt, unlike the traditional chain, doesn’t need special precautions. It will be enough for you to carry out a correct periodic cleaning of possible mud, grease or anything that could compromise the correct functioning of the belt.

Regarding NOKO e-bikes with belt drive, for a correct maintenance of the belt we recommend regularly washing it with water, in order to remove any dirt. It is not required to use any specific products.The following explanations will help you decide if it is time to replace your transmission. Inspect components carefully regularly. If necessary, contact a professional for assistance.
Click here to download the attached file.

To replace the inner tube you need:
• 6 mm hexagonal wrench for the front wheel;
• 8 mm hexagonal wrench for the rear wheel;
• a pair of bike tires levers.

It is a good habit to always carry a basic kit with you, to replace the inner tube of your NOKO, as needed.First step, remove the wheel; then, proceed deflating the tire: this way it will be easier to pull the tire away from the rim. Insert a tires lever under the deflated tire; place pressure onto the lever and pull the tire away from the rim, clip the lever to a spoke.Take the second tire lever, and slide it long the rim of the tire. Manually, remove the wheel from the rim.Unscrew the cap and the washer of the valve, remove the inner tube, which needs to be replaced. Now, you are ready to install the new inner tube.

Start by placing the inner tube in the tire, remove the cap and the washer of the valve from the spare, to engage the valve stem into the rim. Proceed by placing the inner tube on the rim, making sure that it doesn’t leave any folds.After reinstalling the tire, inflate it, taking into account the proper pressure values, place the cap on the valve.
At this point you are ready to install the wheel of your NOKO, paying attention to the previous information.

To install the seatpost you need:
• 4mm and 6 mm allen hexagonal wrenches.

To install the seatpost start by loosen the bolt found on the seatpost collar using a 4 mm allen wrench, apply a small quantity of bike grease on the bottom of seatpost. It should easily slide into the frame. Make sure to slide the seatpost past the minimum insert line; align your saddle to the desired height.

• Tighten the seatpost hex bolt at the collar with an allen wrench, just enough to make little adjustments, if needed. The saddle should not be moving; fasten bolt of the seatpost collar.

• Adjust the saddle fore/aft position and inclination according to the personal needs, using a 6 mm allen wrench.

To install / remove the pedals you need:
• 15 mm wrench.

Before installing, remember pedals are not interchangeable; right pedal is marked with the letter “R” and left pedal is marked with the letter “L”. The right and the left pedal are installed and removed in opposite ways.

• To install the right pedal, first grease the thread and fit the pedal in, then start tightening with your hands. Tighten it with the 15 mm wrench, turning clockwise towards the front wheel.

• To install the left pedal, first grease the thread and fit the pedal in, then start tightening with your hands. Tighten it with the 15 mm wrench, turning counterclockwise towards the front wheel.

• To remove the right pedal, use the 15 mm wrench and turn counterclockwise towards the rear wheel; once loosen use your hands to remove it. To remove the left pedal, use the 15 mm wrench and turn clockwise towards the rear wheel; once loosen use your hands to remove it.

NOKO Battery

NOKO e-bikes are equipped with a battery unit that integrates inside the downtube, featuring a nominal voltage of 36V which allows it to develop an energy of 250Wh, for a guaranteed range up to 100km. The battery, developed in collaboration with Samsung, can be upgraded of additional 250Wh thanks to the Range Extender* which will allow you to double the autonomy and fun.

* Please note that the battery autonomy is indicative and depends on the conditions of use.

The Range Extender allows you to duplicate the battery autonomy of your NOKO up to 200km, providing additional 250Wh. To benefit from the energy of the extra battery, install the Range Extender in the bottle cage, and connect the cable to the charging port, located at the end of the downtube. If you decide to use the Range Extender, the system first drains the extra battery, and then the main battery. Only when powering the system uses the main battery charge.

When turning ON the system, do not place your feet on the pedals and do not use your e-bike. In order to allow the torque and speed sensor to calibrate themselves, it must remain stationary (0 km/h). As soon as the light turns green, you can ride on your NOKO.

You can always trust NOKO. Every detail is designed to give you a carefree journey. The hide-out technology for integrating the battery to the frame has been studied in detail to allow the user, depending on the weight and driving style, to travel up to 100Km or 1200m in altitude with a single full charge. You will be able to stay together with your group of friends and travel distances that you only dreamed of before!

No compromise. Riding the NOKO, you face the city with elegance, comfort and rhythm. Reaching the destination has never been easier. Thanks to the optional “Range Extender” developed by NOKO, the maximum distance is doubled, allowing you to travel in total safety up to 200km or 2400m in altitude!

To charge the battery of your NOKO, plug the charger cord into the electrical outlet and then plug the charger into the charging port on the e-bike.
The battery charger will automatically switch on, the power ON button will start flashing every 2 seconds, displaying that the battery is charging.
The light changes color depending on the battery level. The green light indicates a full charge.

The colors of the flashing light indicate the different charge levels:
GREEN (75-100%) | BLUE (50-75%) | YELLOW (25-50%) | RED (<25%)

Battery status can be checked by the flashing light in the power button on the main frame tube. Starting the motor by pressing the button, two different lights will alternate: one steady and one flashing. The steady light indicates the active assistance level and changes color according to the selected level; the flashing light, on the other hand, lights up every 2 seconds and indicates charging status of the battery.

Don’t worry, you can ride even if the battery is totally empty and go home safely. Always remember that thanks to the lightweight of the bicycle of only 14.2kg, the effort of pedaling will be an old memory!

Developed in collaboration with Samsung, the battery is an integral part of the NOKO frame, so it will not be possible to remove it. Charging will take place through a power outlet. For proper use of the battery, consult the instructions for use supplied directly by the manufacturer of the FSA motor which can be downloaded through the “Support” section of our website at the link

If you don’t plan to use your e-bike for a long period (more than 3 months), store the battery with a charge level between 30% and 60%. After 6 months, check the charge level and charge it if necessary, between 30% and 60% once again.
A battery left discharged for a long period of time can be damaged and/or significantly reduce its charging capacity.

Shipping Questions

NOKO ships to all EU countries except the UK. The cost of shipping is included with the purchase; any additional charges, such as taxes and customs duties, if any, will be charged by the customer.

We are the fastest producers in Europe! From the moment we receive your order, the estimated delivery time is 20 business days*. For more information, you can visit the dedicated section.

* Delivery time can vary according to stock availability and the volume of orders.

Our partner for the shipment of e-bikes is DHL Express. Once the order has been placed, you will receive a confirmation of shipment via email. This message will contain a tracking code of the shipment, so that you can monitor and arrange the delivery in total autonomy.

If no one is at the address indicated upon delivery, the courier will leave notification of the delivery attempt. The courier will make a new delivery attempt the next day upon request or you can collect the delivery from the indicated deposit within 7 days. In this case, remember to go to the warehouse with an identity card in order to be able to collect your order without any problems. You can also delegate an authorized person.

If by mistake we have delivered an item that does not correspond to what was ordered, you have to contact us via the “Contact us” form at the following link. We will immediately replace the wrong item.

In order to assert any damage to the packages that occurred during transport, the Customer must accept each package with reserve and immediately verify the integrity of the content, reporting any damage within 24 hours of delivery.