How to choose an e-bike and find the NOKO that suits you best

How to choose an e-bike and find the NOKO that suits you best

Those who approach the electric bicycle for the first time, today can find such a vast offer that they don’t know how to choose an e-bike! The best thing is to contact a professional to help us find the most suitable product for us, to finally start a healthier lifestyle. Many times at NOKO we […]


Belt-driven bicycles are becoming more and more appreciated. This can be understood from the fact that most of the electric bicycles that are becoming popular on the market have a belt instead of a chain. The numerous advantages of the belt drive are convincing more and more people to prefer it over the traditional chain. […]

10 practical tips for tackling your commuting by bike

Gasoline skyrocketing, rush hour traffic, little time to train, and much more. There is no shortage of reasons to start commuting by bike. Yet despite the enthusiasm, there never seems to be a good time to start. Also, you are afraid of the issues that could arise during the journey, creating many inconveniences. So, here […]

Winter cycling: must-have clothes for the urban riders

Winter cycling in the city is possible. And it is correct to say that it is not only for the bravest or for those who practice cycling and are used to enduring cold temperatures. With winter cycling clothing and some proper precautions it is in fact possible to bike even in winter, and arrive at […]

Torque sensor: the secret for a unique pedaling experience with NOKO e-bikes

man commuting in the city

Nowadays, e-bikes are among the most used means of transportation on a daily basis, having the advantage of being economical, fast, and, at the same time, respectful of the environment. As a consequence, the quality of the riding experience becomes a decisive element for riders who use a pedal-assisted bike on a daily basis. NOKO […]

NOKO E-bike: a simple guide to operational and correct use

The first step to understanding how e-bikes work is to know the parts that make up the e-system, which allows you to activate the pedal assistance. But more important is knowing how to use an e-bike correctly, to preserve the correct functioning of the components over time. This guide is addressed to you who are […]

Mid-drive vs hub motor: how to choose the one that best suits you?

Mid-drive vs hub motors: whether you are a bike enthusiast or a beginner, you have heard about the differences between these two types of electric motors at least once. The commonly asked questions are: how should I choose the most suitable type of motor? What information should I keep in mind? These aspects definitely deserve […]

5 good reasons why riding an e-bike will improve the quality of your life

If you are reading this article you must be wondering why you should get an electric bicycle. We will give you 5 good reasons to purchase an e-bike, but, before diving into these good reasons, let’s look at what an e-bike is! E-bikes, also called pedal-assisted bicycles, are bicycles that due to the addition of […]