All products purchased on www. nokobike. com are covered by the legal warranty on original defects of product production. Therefore, the buyer-consumer has two years from the delivery of the good to contact the customer service at [email protected] com requesting in writing the repair of the product or, if the said good is not repairable, to ask for its replacement, falling, in any case, on the Customer the burden of proving in detail the defect and/or defect found. If the Customer has made the purchase as a contractor and/or professional, the legal warranty will last only one year.

NOKO – once the goods have been received by the Customer, who at this stage will anticipate all the necessary expenses for the delivery of the goods to NOKO – will have a reasonable period of time to carry out the repair, which can be quantified on average in 60 days, after which the Customer, once the defect and/or fault has been ascertained by NOKO will be entitled to replacement of the property. If the repair for NOKO is uneconomical and the replacement is impossible – e. g. because the goods are no longer in production or because spare parts are no longer available – the Customer shall be entitled to a reduction of the price to be applied in proportion to the residual value of the goods or, if the goods are unusable, shall be entitled to termination of the contract.

From the discovery of the fault and / or defect, the Customer-Consumer will have 60 days to make a formal report to NOKO. If the Customer originally made the purchase as a businessman and / or professional, he will have 8 days to report it.


The Customer who, within 14 days of receipt of the product, is not satisfied with the purchase made must exercise the right of withdrawal by accessing the “RETURNS” section of the Website and completing the specific form. Once this is done, you will be contacted as soon as possible by the Return Centre to agree on what to do.

The deadline is deemed to be met if the purchaser returns the goods before the expiry of the 14-day period, delivering them to the courier within that period.

The right of withdrawal is subject to the following conditions: the products must not have been used, soiled or worn and must not show any signs of use or, or worse, of wear, abrasion or scratches that could compromise the resale of the goods under “new” conditions. The products must be returned to the sender complete in all their parts, label and accessories in general, box, and any piece received by the Customer from NOKO. As provided for by current legislation, the right of withdrawal is excluded and cannot be exercised if the purchased item has been personalized at the explicit request of the Customer at the time of the order.

The return must be made in a single shipment and never in separate shipments under penalty of forfeiture of the right itself.

As required by the Italian law, the returned goods travel at the risk and expense of the Customer, who is therefore kindly requested to agree by email or telephone with NOKO on the choice of the most appropriate means of delivery. The costs of shipping the return are entirely borne by the Customer who wishes to exercise the right of withdrawal, except in the event of error by NOKO or third parties hired by NOKO, in which case they will be borne by them. There will be no further charges against NOKO or third parties hired by NOKO. NOKO will refuse any parcel for which the courier or postman requires any payment, whether for delivery or delivery charges, and any kind of expense.

Once your return request has been approved through our customer service, you will receive shipping instructions by e-mail. The packaging or rubber bag must be appropriately sealed with signed adhesive tape on all potentially breaching parts in order to make the packaging unique and unrepeatable.

In the event of obvious tampering of the packaging at the time of receipt as returned, the same will be refused in order to give the Customer the possibility of retaliation against the carrier and thus initiate the insurance procedure of the courier or post office.

The refund of the price paid to the Customer will be made exclusively by payment to the Customer’s bank or postal current account within 14 working days from the acceptance and delivery of the returned goods to NOKO.

For all FSA and Vision branded components, both electric and not, on your NOKO ebike, like the engine, battery, wheels, etc. the after sales service will be offered directly by FSA through its global assistance network. To find the closest FSA distributor click here

See a list of which components are subject to the FSA warranty by clicking here

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